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(a) Once the Client has made a booking for a specific time and date, MLR PHOTO will not accept any other work from other clients for those times and dates.

(b) As a result, once a booking is made, if it is subsequently cancelled, a cancellation fee will be charged to the client according to the following schedule. When a client cancels a booking within two weeks of any confirmed date, a fee of 50% of the booked time rate will be charged. When a client cancels photography within one weeks of any confirmed date, a fee of 100% of the booked time rate will be charged. In addition to this cancellation fee, the client will be charged for any expenses already incurred by MLR PHOTO.



(a) Until MLR PHOTO has invoiced the reproduction fee neither party is committed to grant or acquire any reproduction rights in any picture. After a fee has been agreed and an invoice issued there is a firm and binding contract whereby MLR PHOTO is committed to grant reproduction rights and the Client to acquire them. If after such invoicing but before payment the Client requests cancellation of the reproduction rights MLR PHOTO may in its discretion cancel subject to the Client paying a cancellation fee.

(b) The Client's right to reproduce a picture arises only when Marte Lundby Rekaa’s invoice relating to the grant of such right is fully paid (including interest charges levied on late payment of the invoice or invoices). Any reproduction before payment of the invoice constitutes an infringement of rights and a breach of this Agreement entitling Marte Lundby Rekaa to rescind the Agreement and rendering the Client liable for the payment of damages.


(c) If payment is not made in accordance with (a) above then MLR PHOTO may rescind this Agreement and recover damages, or, at exercise its statutory right to interest under the Late Payment Of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

(d) If any invoice issued to the Client is not paid by the Due Date, then all unpaid invoices issued to the Client become due of immediate effect, even if it is less than 30 days from the issue date, and that MLR PHOTO may consider these invoices as overdue when pursuing legal action for the recovery of said debts.

(e) A fee of £17 will be made for each account reminder, duplicate invoice, or any other paperwork, correspondence or phone calls involved with the pursual of a debt. This fee is non-refundable, and represents the additional time spent pursuing overdue invoices.

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